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3 Ways AI Can Help Businesses Improve Customer Relations

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

Apple (Siri), Microsoft (Alexa), and Google assistant are fast becoming what millennials recognize as their customer service agent. And this numerous Chatbots, as they are called all belong to one rapidly moving group of technology called Artificial Intelligence, or AI in short. This technology involves using robots (chatbots and algorithms) to create business solutions that do not include the direct involvement of humans. Their services are usually efficient as they do not need a pee break or stay homesick.

As it stands, AI is already making waves in the marketing world by driving improvement in email writing, managing calendars, and helping to fix errors that can cause client dissatisfaction. Statistics gathered by Adobe shows that 15% of today’s enterprise has adopted AI, and 31% of them would integrate it into their operations in the next year. Converting these numbers to money, the projection is that spending on AI would have grown to 47.3 billion in 2022, according to Juniper Research, from about $2 billion in 2018.

If you are still not sure how this applies to your business, then here are some ways AI can help businesses improve customer relations; 

AI helps to improve customer interactions

Keeping your customer satisfied is one of the fastest ways to grow your business, and AI is capable of helping with that. AI such as Chatbots are very engaging, and they can spark up interesting conversations with your customer. The bots work by reading all the data your customer has on their browser; it picks up their interest and then uses it to keep the customer engaged. For an e-commerce site, AI uses your search history to recommend products to the customer that they are most likely to purchase. What this would lead to is faster problem solving with much fewer and better controlled interactions.

Improve privacy and security

AI assures the consumer of keeping their information and details secured. This can help the business build trust pretty quickly. There is also no risk of human error, which could lead to loss of data or avoidable mistakes; it’s straight from the consumer to the business without any breach of privacy.

Saves cost on customer service

Another function that is unique to AI is that they can work round the clock and would be available for multiple platforms. The customer would be better served as they can get information anytime they need it and can be kept engaged for very long hours. While AI cannot completely overhaul the need for customer service agents, they can help you to reduce the cost of employing several of them. This way, you would save more while using AI to maximize efficiency.

Conclusively, you don’t need to have a massive business before you start using AI for your business solution. There are chatbots that can help you give customized messages to clients, add on-screen personalization, and provide your customers with a seamless flow of service.

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