5 Apps You Need to Know About

As a business owner, there are some basic applications you should know about. Most consumers are using them, and it would be a little bit weird if they discover you don’t know about them. Take a look at the following apps:

  • OneNote

There are a lot of excellent note-taking applications out there, however, OneNote is our most loved on account of its basic, easy-to-use design. That implies you’ll squander less time searching through menus and can return to work faster. Plus, it’s completely incorporated with Microsoft Office and comes pre-stacked on all Windows 8 PCs, so most business clients as of now have it. Also, since it’s accessible for pretty much every computing platform out there, including Android, iOS and Mac OSX, you can get to your OneNote documents from any device.

  • OneDrive

Like every online storage services, OneDrive allows you be more profitable by backing your files and documents and making them accessible from any part of the planet. It boasts a basic user-friendly interface that makes transferring documents simple. What’s more, since it’s incorporated ideally with Windows, most business clients won’t need to introduce any additional plugins to begin using it.The app is additionally accessible for Android, iOS, and Mac OS X platforms, so you can get to your reports from pretty much any gadget and get the chance to work regardless of where you are.

  • Join.me

An online meeting application that is entirely easy to set up and can be installed on any device – Why is join.me so excellent?. It gives free screen sharing and boundless video conferencing. There’s a helpful whiteboard included too, giving everybody a chance to contribute thoughts practically. The application is accessible on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

  • Mailbox

Mailbox allows users easy access to manage inboxes on the go by providing swipe-based impressive features which can perform email tasks at the snap of a finger. It can be installed on OSX, iPhone, iPad and Android, The great thing about the app is, it helps to solve email overload, and with Mailbox’s new integration with Dropbox, you can easily attach files from Dropbox right as you’re composing an email.

  • Trello

Trello is another excellent application worth looking at in case you have a busy life with your work or business responsibilities. Developed for helping you to complete things and remain sorted out, the application gives you a chance to make sheets for every one of the tasks you’re working on. It’s free to use, though you have the choice to update for added functionality. It is accessible on iPhone, iPad and Android.