5 Tips For Connecting With Your Ideal Customers on Instagram

Instagram, a widely used social media platform powered by the internet is a viable medium for reaching out to customers and promoting a business brand. With users amounting to about a billion in the world, Instagram has evolved from mere fashion trend platform to a haven that encompasses diverse niches courtesy of the activity of users. In recent time, there is an increased interest in digital marketing. Business brands now harness the social media to promote their activities on the go.

More often than not, the result of the professional use of Instagram is a significant increase in customer base. To catch the wave of the moment, and weather competition perfectly, businesses need to maximize the potential that Instagram, like many other social networks offers. When a business builds an interactive community on Instagram, new customers are attracted, marketing become more effective beyond any other conventional means. The following tips can be adopted in connecting ideal customers on Instagram.

  • Use inviting images to deliver your message

When the eye sees a pleasant picture, the mind reads meaning to it in fascination. Based on this logic, it is correct to use high-resolution photos to promote your products because it will send the right signal to potential customers.

  • Make sure every message is replied to on time

Communication is vital to a successful relationship. While you post eye-catching images, ensure that every comment to your post is replied almost immediately. The comment could be an inquiry to know how to shop from your brand. Therefore designate the duty of managing your Instagram channel to a competent and responsible employee.

  • Develop a channel that associates with complementary brands

If your niche is associated with other brands or your products works with other product from a different company; you should associate with that company and tag the company as many times as possible. Simply put, surround yourself with another brand that will add value to your business. A good example is tagging FIFA or Lionel Messi if your products are footballs or sportswears.

  • Ensure that reviews by customers are published on your channel

A logical man would believe what others have to say about the quality of your products or services than what you have written on your website. Therefore, make sure that reviews that emphasize the quality of your services are posted regularly on your channel. This would clear any doubt potential customers may have.

  • Always come up with an exciting event at the specific time of the year

You can create a nice program be it a contest, promo or giveaway at a specific period of the year. From the data you have collected from your committed customers, you would be able to know certain facts such as the religion of a significant portion of your customers. Armed with this information, you could come up with a program in commemoration of their religious festival. For example, during the yuletide, you could add Christmas tags in your posts and organize meet-ups, promos or giveaways in the spirit of celebration. This would not only seal your relationship with existing customers but also attract new ones.