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5 Ways to Promote Your Blog for Free

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

It can be a very interesting thing to own a blog. You get to put up posts that matter to you. With more posts, you gain more following. It can be an experience when you see hundreds of comments on a single post; people are giving their opinions – those in support and those against. You may want to add your opinion but you don’t want to engage in an argument, so you think of writing a rejoinder justifying your position but still waiting for more reactions. With a blog, you are sharing your opinion with many from all around world. Every day, new people drop in to read a post or two and they gradually become followers. This is the experience of a fairly successful blog.

Here a 5 tips on how to promote your blog for free.

Publish More/Longer Form Content

You want to give your audience an interesting long read. It is wrongfully said that long reads scare reader. Well, if the long read is interesting enough, more readers will be attracted to it. The Harry Potter series are very long novels and they are one of the most read books in the world. Thus, give your readers a long read that will captivate them and they wouldn’t want it to finish.

You shouldn’t just give them long reads once in a while. Drop it consistently. Depending on what you write about, let it be satisfactorily packed with maximum value. For instance, if you run a skin care blog, you should be able to give advice and recommendations on what you have found to be effective to a problem you might have discussed. If you follow blogs consistently, you would realize that posts may not be every day. This means you should be more concerned about the quality, content, and quality of the post you are about to drop. You should think about the number of intelligent readers that follow your blog and expect standard from you.

Start an Email List

One of the best resources you can have as a blogger to continuously reach your readers is an email list. You want to inform them of a new post and how you appreciate if they leave a reaction and a comment. To grow an email list, you can give an opt-in incentive that will entice them into dropping their emails. You can also require emails before they can drop comments. It can be helpful, depending on the platform you run, to have subscribers on your blog.

To grow your following, you can create the concept of a society or family where everyone has a sense of belonging to the blog. With an email list, you can keep your following even if you change blog address or your domain name.

Optimize for Search Engines

Your blog should be visible via search engine results. You should get an expert in search engine optimization to help you with your online presence. Your online presence is very important because a lot of people don’t know your blog exists. It is in searching for something related to your blog posts that you are presented as a source for quality information. Thus, it is beyond opening a blog and running posts, you need online visibility for relevance.

Growing a following can work by inviting friends and people in your connection but it is doubtful if that medium can generate up to a thousand followers. If you are a celebrity, yes it can. If you aren’t, you may need something else to bring you the much needed traffic.

One benefit that you provide by being optimized for search engines is that people don’t have to cram your blog address. All they need is the name and they can be directed via the search engine to your blog.

Develop an Outreach Plan

An outreach plan for a blogger is your strategy on making bigger friends. You are trying to connect with more successful bloggers who have more following, more influence, the name, the connection, and the success. You need to have a workable plan.

First, you need a goal. There must be something you are looking at achieving with this connection. Successful bloggers are very busy and it can be hard to get their attention. Thus, have goals written down.

Second, have a list of successful bloggers you look at connecting with. Out of 10, it is possible that only 4 will be successful. Thus, don’t focus on a person.

Third, make yourself visible to them. You need to take a first step by being visible. Share their content on your blog and tag them. Make some comments on their posts on the blog and on social media. Try to connect with them on social media. You can also share links of their posts on their blogs to help them. Share their posts on Twitter.

Fourth, connect by sending mails or direct mails or direct messages on social media. Be a listener. Follow their advice and let it reflect on your blog. When you are first reaching out, be polite and use their preferred name. You must have read some introduction about them beforehand. Find hobbies you share.

Fifth, ask them what you want but don’t be pushy.

Feature or Interview Owners or Influencers

Get popular people interviewed on your blog. This will draw traffic as people want to know more about the person. For instance, if you get to interview a TV personality or a celebrity, you are on the trail to bloggers’ fame. You should also feature posts of popular bloggers and tag them; it can bring people to your blog.

In conclusion, blogging is just many other career paths. You need to keep working hard to get connections, influencers to your blog. Traffic is key and you must work at always increasing the traffic you have. Be visible on search engines; have quality contents; have an email bank; and learn from those more successful than you.

The Association of Gift Boutique Retailers of America is here for all of your gift boutique industry needs. Hopefully you have found value within this article on the 5 Ways to Promote Your Blog for Free. We are interested in what you would like to learn more about, please let us know in the comments below.

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