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Apps That Would Help You with Your Business Expenses

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

Starting up a business is certainly not easy, and with so many subscriptions and services to pay for, managing your expenses is one of the hardest parts. You might not notice, but every dollar counts, and you could lose hundreds of dollars without knowing how. You can easily avoid this by using an expense manager to cater for recording and giving you relevant data about your business expenses.

When it comes to apps that would help you with your business expense, there are many options available on the Internet.

In this article, we have helped you to sift through them and here are the best ones we found;


This is a small and medium business accounting software that is simple, smart, and perfect for keeping track of expenses. It handles asset management, bank account reconciliation, and helps to keep inventories. You can also use it for various currencies and even manage your spending. With so much amazing features, it was Forbes “World’s most innovative growth company” for 2014 and 2015. You can download it for your PC, Mac, Tablet, and phone. The pricing starts at $9 per month, but it allows up to 30 days free trial.

Zoho Expense

Zoho is known for creating business and IT solution tools that stand out as the best and this app is one of their finest innovations. It comes with features like digital receipt storage and GPS tracker to make sure that you can easily log in mileage overheads for your everyday trip. You can also save several expenses together and send them for approval in batch. Other features like per diem allowances, expense policy enforcement, multi-currency support, and lots more also come with the $15 per organization subscription.


There are not many expense tracking apps that can beat the standard set by Expensify. The app comes with amazing features that quickly set it out as one of the best. It creates ease of use for you by eliminating the need for manual entry and providing a straightforward way to keep track of your receipts even when you are on the move. Additional features include corporate card reconciliation, mileage tracking, real-time travel notifications, among many other excellent features. That’s not even all, as you can also integrate the app with services such as Quickbooks, Xero, and NetSuite.

SAP Concur

If you are looking for a free plan, then SAP Concur is not what you are looking for. But the app makes every single penny you spend worth it. It is excellent for medium scale and large scale business. You would find it extremely useful when you are traveling and need something to take note of all the expenses incurred on the trip. There are tools on the app that allows you to book business flights and approve travel invoices. It also helps to import data from your credit cards, and you can book flight, cab, or hotel from anywhere. The app has two subscriptions, so you can go for the $8 standard plan or request a quote for the professional plan.


Mint was created to help you manage individual expenses, but it also works for small business. The app tracks cash and bill flow by automatically importing information from all your connected accounts. There is a small business tool in the app called QuickenMyBusiness, and this helps you sort all your expenses into the right category. Mint gives you all this information at a glance, and you can enjoy all this for free.

You can get any of these apps and be assured that you would have a great experience using them. They all have what it takes to track your expenses and take your business management to another level.

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