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Be a Trend Setter in Your Niche: Think Apart

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

You don’t have to do what is being done or follow the usual trend; you can create your own trend. You can start a new path. Think differently; be a pacesetter. It can be difficult charting into a new direction. However, it makes you different from the crowd. Being a trend setter makes you different from the others. When entering into a market, you cannot afford to duplicate what your competitor is doing. You have got to offer value differently. Your peculiarity is what will set you apart.

Here are ways you can be a trend setter in your niche.

Allow Time for Creativity

You have to be creative to be different. It takes creative thinking to sell a pen to a person who has a box of pens. Thus, you have to invest time in developing creative ideas that can present your brand as unique and one to be tried. You should be open to ideas on making your product different from others in the market.

Become a Dedicated Trend Watcher

Be up with the latest trends. Don’t let them fly past you. Your chance on carving a niche for yourself may well be anchored on your following on trends. Trends change and when they do, those who are first to present the new style, gain ground in the market. Always follow those who influence trends in the market.

Think like a Customer

You have to imagine you are a customer who entered your business center to do business. What would attract the customer? Why would the customer buy from me rather than my competitors? What value am I offering that is unique? These are questions you should then ask yourself. If you are satisfied with what you have on ground while looking at it from the eyes of a customer, you may have less problems.

Find Your Style

Your style sets you apart. Finding your style will set you on a different level from your customers. For instance, in the United States, there are different clothing stores. But the top sellers have their styles which are different from each other. You can have Forever 21 coming up with styles with words such as “Peace”, “Love”, etc. on their outfits.

Filter Out the Noise

There will always be noise; many people will criticize your uniqueness and term it as strangeness. It is all a matter of perspective. When you are creating something unique, you should keep out detractors. They can only make noise till you decide to shut them out.

Get to Know Your Customers

You should know your customers well enough. Once they are coming to purchase your products or service, engage them. Establish a relationship; try to get their mail address so that you can keep reaching them for offers and solutions. Know your customers and their peculiarities so as to know how to better serve them.

Know When You Should Follow Trends

If you must follow trends, know when to. You shouldn’t follow trends when your competitor is already following the same trend. Set yourself apart as being innovative and unique by doing something different. Try to start your own trend if the current trend has been taken over by your competitor.

Identify a Gap in the Market

Your relevance in the market is anchored on your ability to solve problems in the market. Before you enter into any market, conduct accurate market research and survey to see the inadequacies in the current solutions. Take thermostats for example, it was programmable thermostat some 10, 11 years ago. However, it was realized that it doesn’t recognize when occupiers are around and when not, so it keeps burning energy at its programmed rate. However, with a smart thermostat, your lifestyle is studied by this thermostat. It even detects when you are not in.

Solve an Urgent or Immediate Need

A way of announcing arrival in a new market is solving an immediate problem or an urgent need. You can also use this to attract more customers to your business by being a problem solver. Be attentive to emerging realities in the market and benefitting from opportunities like this won’t pass you by.

Learn Important Things in Your Industry

You should know the important things in your industry. You should have the facts and figures; the consumer base, and what influences their decision. You should learn from experts in the niche if you are new to the business. Never underestimate how information can be of help.

Observe Your Competitors

Your competitors are also observing you, so you can as well do better in that aspect. Observe your competitors keenly. Observing your competitors does not mean copy your competitor; it however mean that you should be aware of what your competitors are planning and how advantageous is it for you.

Appreciate What You Lack

You can’t have it all. Thus, appreciate what you lack and see how you can utilize the ones you have to your best advantage. You can try to get what you lack but if it is not within your reach, focus on what you have and get the best out of it.

Individualize Your Brand

Your brand projects what to have to offer to the market. Your brand should optimize customer experience for each person. Let every customer feel important and in control by having his/her behavior and peculiarities reflect in the product.

In conclusion, you have got to be different. There must be a value you sell that has to be unique. Remember, that you are a problem solver and your continued stay in the market is as a result of that solution. Your competitors are offering quality; offer premium quality. Don’t copy or do whatever your competition is doing. As you are entering into a new market, pay attention to the trends and have your own style that can distinguish you. Creativity is an added advantage. With innovative and creative thinking, you can sell the same products differently.

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