Build Relationships and Avoid Selling

Often times, business owners are ignorant of the importance of relationship building in selling and thus struggle with making sales. Selling is an essential operation in business and is influenced by many factors like relationship building. Understanding the connection between relationship building and selling is crucial and could make the difference between a fast-growing business enterprise and an average one.

The connection between the two is direct and noticeable in business as relationship building outweighs selling. The connection between the two is a vital force that determines the survival and growth of the business enterprise. The businessman who is serious about sales, therefore, needs to take relationship building to the next level having ensured all other factors are controlled.

With the importance of relationship building in the sale of goods and services (the connection between them) understood; we shall take a look at the “hows” of building healthy relationships with your customers to experience a boost in sales.

  • Treat your customer like royalty

Customers are royalty; they are the reason why your business exists and thrives. Therefore there is need to offer them what would make them come for more. Giving them more would create a force of attraction that will drive them to visit you.

Let’s face it, if you put yourself in the position of your clients you would understand their expectation and satisfy them by offering quality products/services that are truly worth their money. To add, most start-ups get their customers increased through the review of individuals who have visited them before. If you can demonstrate your concern for their interest, they would be the one promoting your brand to family and friends.

  • Build rapport between you and your clients

What most customers want is a provision of solutions to problems they encounter in everyday life or in their own business. While you come up with your business, you make sure your business solves a problem and connects those who need solutions to that problem. With that in mind, you have to show genuine interest in that problem by listening to them and analyzing the information they give. Having done that, communicate with them to know how best your service/product would help.

  • Be honest in your activities to make customers trust you

Being honest pays off in the long run as it helps both parties to experience growth in their business. Transparency is related to honesty and it is very important to gain the trust of your customers. When you have successfully analyzed the problem of your customers and provided a solution through your product/service, you should let customers know about it. They should know the limitation of the product or service. Say for example, you offer consultancy and sell a cosmetic product useful in management of a particular skin disorder, you should educate your customers on the limit to which the product can work as well as the contraindication. With that done, they would be assured that your company is reliable and can be trusted. The result would be a solid, long-term relationship. Isn’t that more important than just selling?