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Creating a Greener Business

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

“Go Green!” that’s the mantra on the mass and social media. The ozone layer has been badly affected by human activities; it will also take human activities to restore it. Human activities cut across everything we do and the way we relate with nature. There are some things can be done in the office environment to better the situation with our planet. Join big companies like Walmart, Amazon, etc. in contributing to sustainability.

Here are ways you can create a greener business.

Make green thinking a part of your office culture

It starts with a mindset and this sustainability mindset can be developed by making it an office culture. Put it as part of the company’s goals. Let it resonate in the way things are done. You can even put a list of things to do in the office to better the cause of sustainability.

Change light bulbs

Use low watts and less energy consuming light bulbs. Led light is suggested. Ensure that energy consumed by bulbs is reduced to the possible minimum.

Eliminate Plastic Bottles

Plastic bodies are non-disposable. They don’t decay when bury and they are dangerous to the environment when burnt. Avoid them. Donate all the plastic bottles in your office to a plastic industry for recycling.

Do Business with Green Vendors

Ensure that your vendors and suppliers adhere to the principles of sustainability before you do business with them. Check the sources of their raw material. Have a reputation for sustainability that they would be forced to live up to.

Conserve Human Energy

What robots or machines can do, don’t make humans do it. It is not sustainable. Learn to conserve human energy as much as you can through the use of automation. Conserving human energy will make for longer and healthier living.

Host a Fundraising Event

You can host a fundraising event for sustainability. It could be to purchase large bins that waste can be collected in for recycling. It can also be to get solar panels installed in the houses in a community so as to reduce reliance on unsustainable ways.

Recycle and Reuse

This is one method that has proven to be very effective. Instead of using raw materials to produce new items, old items can be recycled and reused. Old computer systems have components that can be used in creating new ones. You should be willing to let go of old items for recycling. Instead of disposing, recycle.

Use Green Cleaning Products

Ensure that the cleaning products you use in the office are from sustainable sources and are environmentally friendly themselves. Some cleaning products are hazardous to the environment as they contribute to the green house effect.

Utilize Natural Light

Natural light is sunlight; utilize it. This will reduce your power consumption and give room for sustainability. Encourage your staff to open their windows in the morning and turn out the light. You can have a lighting mechanism that automatically turns out the light once the sun is out.

Sign Up for Paperless Billing

Apart from the fact that your bills are safe and secure, you contribute your quota to sustainability by signing for paperless billing. It has been estimated that about 250 million gallons of oil, 10 million trees, and 1 billion gallons of water are used to create receipts just in the United States every year. Reduce these alarming figures by signing up for paperless billing.

Buy Recycled Paper

How you react to recycle items matters a lot. You should get recycled paper for use in your office. This shows a contribution towards environmental sustainability.

Use Power Strips

These are extension joints where multiple appliances can be connected. They can help in preventing power surge and limiting the impact of high voltage. There are smart power strips which utilizes weak infrared lights to detect if anyone is nearby so as to put the appliances on standby mode to save power.

Consider a Smart Thermostat

A thermostat normally regulates room temperature. However, with smart thermostats, the user can control the wifi-enabled smart thermostat via the mobile phone or computer. The thermostat can even sense when the occupier is not around and reduce energy usage as a result.

Allow Employees to Telecommute

By allowing employees to work from home or anywhere convenient, you reduce energy usage in your office.

Consider a Four-Day Week

You should consider less working days to reduce energy consumption. More work can be done from home.

Reuse Ink Cartridges

If you dispose ink cartridges, you are adding more to environmental pollution. You should reuse the cartridges.

Donate Old Electronics

Instead of disposing them, donate them to manufacturers for recycling. You can even give it out to those who may need it.

Buy Fair Trade Coffee

Fair trade coffees are certified to have been produced according to fair trade standards. These standards include transparency, and adherence to international law standards. You should insist on fair trade coffee from your suppliers.

Go Organic for Office Lunch

Eat organic products and fruits during lunch. Ensure a supply of this type of food and do well to convince your employees on the benefits.

Get an Energy Audit

An energy audit will show you how you consume energy in your office. It will be very beneficial to get one to know where to watch subsequently.

Support Local Vendors

Don’t go outside your community for what you can get within your community. Buy from local vendors and support their businesses.

Use Rechargeable Batteries

Don’t use disposable batteries; use rechargeable ones. They are sustainable and can be used for a longer lasting period.

Look Into Solar Energy

If possible, get a solar panel roof. Solar energy is sustainable and affordable. It reduces your energy consumption drastically and it can never run out.

Start a Carpooling Program

You can have a situation where your employees arrange that one person will convey four other persons to their destination for a little fee. This will reduce the number of cars on the road.

Use the Cloud

It is safe, efficient, and affordable. Instead of having hard drives and storage items all flying around, use the cloud. You can get things done smarter that way.

In conclusion, your contribution to sustainability will not only benefit you, but the whole world. Contribute your quota by getting your business on the trajectory of environmental sustainability.

The Association of Gift Boutique Retailers of America is here for all of your gift boutique industry needs. Hopefully you have found value within this article on the Creating a Greener Business. We are interested in what you would like to learn more about, please let us know in the comments below.

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