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Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

With about five billion users of the internet, the new marketplace is online. As with traditional marketing, advertisement is vital. It is how you reach your customer and notify them of your presence and the value you have to offer. However, as the population on the internet increases by the day, so is the number of businesses that are based on the internet. Thus, the competition for an average retailer is very high. In traditional business organization, geographical boundaries do well to limit the competition and there can even be a monopoly in a country. However, with the internet, it is hard to have a monopoly. Thus, the business owner must offer the highest quality at the most marketable prices and the best advertizing strategies.

To make online marketing easy, Facebook and Google, two giant internet companies have reputable and efficient ways of reaching billions of internet users with their platforms. As a business, you have to know about these two and make decision for either or both. The market these giants companies control is very wide and this presents an opportunity for a wider audience.

Which is more suited for you? Facebook Ads or Google Ads? Their features shall be discussed below.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the advertising platform created by Google to help businesses reach potential customer faster and easier through the use of keywords. Advertisers bid for keywords and when a string of words related to the keywords are searched for, the advertisers with similar keywords are displayed in the priority of their bids as ads.

Pay per click is the most used paid search model by advertisers. This works in the way that the advertiser pays the search engine provider on the amount of clicks on their ad.  This can be very beneficial to retailers who want to advertise online. As much as they have bid for the keyword, they can be rest assured that they would rank above normal search results. However, the amount bid is an issue. The ad with the highest priority will be the highest bidding ad.

You can use this medium to advertise if what you sell is what has high buying intent during search. You can use Google Trends to know which keywords are mostly used. This can guide you in knowing what keywords to bid for.

Google AdWords is better with buyer intent. You have to research ways you can get to know buyer’s intent. As much as Google AdWords can be very effective, not knowing what the buyers’ want can lead to waste of resources used in advertising. Following buyers’ footprints online and trends can be very effective in determining buyer’s intent.

Facebook Ads

With about 1.6 billion users from all around the world, Facebook has a large network that can take your business to a much bigger level. The network has an algorithm tool that helps you in targeting specific audiences. With this paid social advertisement strategy, you get to connect to your audience at their convenience.

It can be overwhelming to have a network of almost 2 billion; however, it will be a massive waste of resources if the scope of your business is within a geographical location say Denver and you are pitching to the whole world. Facebook provides you the option of reaching your audience based on location, age, interest, behaviors, and demographics. With this, your business can be offline or your delivery capacity limited and you can still get to your preferred audience easily. The effectiveness of the algorithm is such that only those within the audience range will get it.

If you are a company launching a new product, you need a platform where people can get to see it and get introduced to it. Facebook gives you that opportunity.  The network allows your ads to run to your target audience when they are mostly convenient – having fun and being social. Let talk a cinema as an example. If you want to run a movie, you can easily advertize to people within that area through Facebook. The target audience, being the people in that area, will be reached.

It can be very when opening a new store in an area to announce deals and presence through Facebook. Different aspects of the community can be reached via this medium as their locations are all noted and their peculiarities registered. You can also pass across the link to feedback form for your business from customers in your area.

Facebook tends to be cheaper than Google in the sense that with Google AdWords can charge as much as $1 to $2 per click while a budget of $5 can draw a lot of clicks on Facebook daily. This is very beneficial for small businesses and start ups that don’t have a lot of money to throw around. However, for a big business a budget of $5000 doesn’t seem like too much for advertisement.

As a business owner, the goal is to get the best out of the internet. A research has it that for businesses who advertise on Google or Facebook, they make $2 dollars on every $1 click when the whole culmination is done. If big brands can advertise on both platforms because of the reach they have, you should key into it also. With about 2 billion users of Facebook and more than that using Google daily, you are exposed to a market that is not equaled by any other. Thus, instead of trying to choose which is better, both are better together. If you are a start up, Facebook can seem favorable but as you expand, work also with Google. If you are not good with online advertisement, get professional help.

In conclusion, the 21stcentury is replete with so many opportunities for retailers and businesses more than ever before. There is a bigger market; however, there is tougher competition. Enter the market and do better than your competitors by applying what has worked for the big brands: online advertising.

The Association of Gift Boutique Retailers of America is here for all of your gift boutique industry needs. Hopefully you have found value within this article on the Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads. We are interested in what you would like to learn more about, please let us know in the comments below.

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