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Modern greeting cards with educational touch

AR PopUp Cards

My name is Pétur Ásgeirsson and I represent AR – Products.
We are an innovative startup company that creates products for kids.

I like to introduce you to AR PopUp Cards. They are greeting cards that come with a Free App. Using AR (augmented reality) technology, our cards come to life. The figures on the cards will be interactive and there is a short story with each card related to the image on the card.

We create smiles on children’s faces.

Regular greeting cards have had their days
AR PopUp Card is the new generation!

A few key points about our products:

  • Our cards are educational and fun.
  • Listening to stories is important for kids.
  • Since our cards are primarily an audio-book, they have an ISBN number and are subject to lower VAT.
  • The message in the stories: positivity, anti-bullying, anti-racism and a healthy lifestyle.
  • The stories are in English and Spanish.
  • We are adding more languages

Other useful information for you as a retailer:

  • First-time order: 12 items per SKU.
  • MOQ: 48 items, (can be mixed SKU).
  • Lead time: 3-5 days in regular circumstances.
  • Shipping: Our warehouse is based in Portland Maine, USA.
  • Payment: Orders are processed and shipped after we receive the payment in our accounts. 30 days payment terms can be agreed where references are provided.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time and I am looking forward hearing from you.

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