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About AR Products

About AR Products:

AR Products ehf, is an innovative technology company dedicated to augmented reality and its world of creative possibilities.

AR Products is proud to be an environmentally friendly company.

We can assure our clients that our products are printed in Swan-certified printing factories in Iceland that use only renewable energy – ensuring our contribution to a sustainable future.

Now, with our Augmented Reality AR, PopUp Cards and children’s stories are included in all of our cards.

You can use our free app with Augmented Reality 4D to view and enjoy our products.

Augmented Reality is an interactive experience that takes a real-life product and connects it with the digital world – opening up many possibilities.


10 Plagues Come To life Stickers

Make the 10 Plagues come to life stickers

Bring each plague to life with these magnificent peelable stickers.

Turn water to blood or make a lion roar in your home, have locusts eat your food and grom boils on your friend’s face with our augmented reality app.

Take selfies and share a real Passover experience with your friends and family.

Warning: Stickers adhesion may cause minor damage to wall paints and other materials. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Splitting the sea Puzzle.

30 piece kids puzzle with frame,

A puzzle that suits kids well with a beautiful picture of Moses splitting the sea.

With the Augmented Reality app that comes with it, Moses comes to life and is interactive.

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