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About Callvin Funny Condoms

Our firm has been selling funny condoms, souvenirs, and customizable items for 15 years.

That might seem surprising at first, but I’d like to invite you to take a closer look and find out about our journey.

In 2007, we had the simple idea of selling “I love Paris” condoms in Paris souvenir stores. In a few weeks, the concept surpassed all our expectations and 60,000 condoms were flooding onto the market every month, winning the hearts of a customer-base made up largely of American tourists.

We then started getting established in the big European capitals, while developing our design range at the same time.

On the back of our success, we gradually extended into the gift market, and today we have a presence in several chain stores, concept stores, party stores, tobacconists, service stations, and even a collection for the French brand Yves Saint Laurent which are sold on Rodeo Drive.

Callvin is present in 24 European countries where we work with the following companies:

Our average purchase value is $41.

This year, Callvin is moving into the US market to facilitate the development of a range of Yves Saint Laurent condoms. We are taking this opportunity to market our own range to gift, souvenir, beachwear stores, concept stores and more… Callvin is printing in the US on FDA-approved American condoms, which means all our reactivity and creativity are available to offer you a collection starting from 100 pieces. We also have a large range of presentation stands available. Our products are genuine, high-quality condoms that comply with FDA standards for the USA and CE for Europe.

Some figures:

– We currently sell more than 2 million condoms a year.

– A French gift chain store called “La Chaise Longue,” which has 75 stores, makes a turnover of €300,000 each year from our condoms alone.

I’m sure you can imagine the development potential within your network.

For your information, our products are genuine, high-quality condoms that comply with FDA standards.

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