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About ChefSofi High Quality Kitchen Goods

As herbs and spices lovers, we were always trying to consume them in our food in their fresh and fine form. You can either buy fine spices but non-fresh or fresh but coarse variations. You cannot get fine (powder) and fresh without using a high quality grinder. From that point on in 2016 ChefSofi was born to make the highest quality set with strong structure and “very” thick walls. With material that is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.
Main Features:
– The nicest granite color you can find. We have seen about 25 samples before we started in 2016. This color is the best looking!
– The texture is not very rough and porous, and not smooth and polished. It has the perfect balance between the two.
– Walls are thick and the structure is stable with a lot of granite weight. We did not go cheap when choosing the amount of material we wanted the set to have. The neck part is mostly for the weight to keep it stable regardless of how hard you decide to pound!
– It comes with a pad that sticks on the bottom to protect the counter top from scratches.
– We do an intensive QC process to eliminate funny looking while/dark lines that natural stone usually have.
in 2019, We added the EXTRA LARGE 5 cups variation. It is very rare to find this 5 cup capacity in the market!
In 2019 too, we designed a nice and “different” cheese board and knife set that combines creativeness with guidance (Guided Creativeness if you will). Every month, we spend 10 days on every container inspecting it piece by piece to make sure that no funny-looking wood is appearing on our sets. It is an actual wood and not a cheap bamboo that you need to replace every 6 months 🙂
Main features:
– Circular (different from most options out there)
– Knife set can be stored inside
– Replacement parts are available to purchase or to replace for free in case of damage
– It is patented in the US,067
– It has bowls for dips and small foods like olives, a groove that is there for your creative option to spread
– It has a magnetic closure system to allow for a secure placement of the knives inside.
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Total of units sold in the last 12 months:
102.9K: M&P 2 Cups Gray
62.6K: Cheese Board
8.4K: M&P 5 Cups Gray
7.1K: M&P 2 Cups Black

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