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About CLCKR Phone Accessories

At CLCKR, we know how precious your device is which is why we’ve created a unique range of accessories to help you get the best out of it. With the CLCKR Stand and Grip, you no longer need struggle standing your phone up to watch your favorite show or fear those moments of dropping it.

CLCKR is a patented universal and multi-functional mobile phone stand and grip, enabling multiple viewing positions for people who love to consume or create content and stay in touch – whether at home or on-the-go. CLCKR’s slim, stylish and ultra-strong design is compatible with most wireless chargers. It’s easy to apply using 3M™ adhesive which does not leave residue, while the grip enables a firmer hold and safer use of your device. There are numerous uses for CLCKR, positioning your mobile phone in portrait, landscape or conference call mode.

CLCKR Stands By You To Stay Connected With Other People, Consume & Create Content.

Product Description


The CLCKR is one of the Slimmest Stand & Grips on the market. Its unique patented design only adds a few millimeters to your device and clicks back into place when you aren’t using it. The CLCKR is also un-obstructive, allowing you to slide your phone in and out of your pocket without it getting caught.

Stand features

With many of us watching more on the go nowadays it can often be difficult to find somewhere to prop your phone up! That’s where CLCKR comes in. When you click the strap into position it can be used in Landscape mode, perfect for watching YouTube or your favorite streaming service. Turn it up right into Portrait mode and you’ve got easy scrolling or Face Timing for hours!

Grip for security

Devices are slippery and are also getting more expensive to fix. We know that heart wrenching moment when your phone slips out of your hand and drops. The CLCKR strap doubles up as a grip, meaning you can securely hold on to your device knowing it’s safe in your hands.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging is a necessity for a lot of us. Wanting a Stand & Grip product but knowing it won’t work with wireless charging can be frustrating. At CLCKR, we make sure our products are compatible with most QI Wireless Chargers, so you get the best of both worlds.

Grip for ease of access to apps

Are you ever in one of those moments where you can only use your phone with one hand, and you’re trying to type or reach the top of your screen? We’ve all been there! The CLCKR Grip allows you to hold on to your phone without the fear of it slipping out of your hands when you really need to access that app.

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