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About COLORpockit

COLORpockit is the complete portable coloring kit with everything you need to color anywhere.

COLORpockit was created to provide a portable, all-in-one product for creative activity while traveling, waiting or relaxing without the need for bulky, inconvenient materials.

The COLORpockit coloring kit consists of a high-quality plastic case, in a variety of colors. It contains a deck of heavy-weight, acid free 4″x6″ coloring cards, 12 custom double-sided colored pencils, and a built-in sharpener with shavings compartment in a sturdy case that weighs under a pound. COLORpockit fits easily into a purse, backpack or glove box to take along anywhere.

COLORpockit works as a lap desk with a sliding lid covering card storage and shavings compartment, plus a pencil drawer that slides out either side and can be removed.

There are many custom refill coloring card decks available in addition to the included coloring cards.

MSRP for the COLORpockit is $24.99 and coloring card decks range from $7.50 to $15.

COLORpockit is available for private label applications, including custom colors, content and packaging.

Patented and made in the USA.

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