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CREATE-A-LURE is a unique do-it-yourself kit that is designed to allow you to create personal fishing lures. It comes with all the materials you need and step-by-step instructions on how to go about painting and sealing your new lures. It is meant to get kids of all ages to use their imagination and see their results of their work firsthand.

Create-A-Lure is the perfect activity for all ages when it is too cold or rainy to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. It gets everyone involved for some friendly competition of who can make the coolest lures or who can catch the biggest fish with their new lures. All the materials that are used are non-toxic environmentally friendly to ensure the best care for our lakes, rivers and oceans as possible.

Northern Lights Toys was created in 2021 when it was -30 degrees outside, and I was tired of watching my children sit in front of a television screen all day and realized we needed to do something fun and different, that is how the Create-A-Lure was born and now we want every kid to have as much fun as my kids did when we began Creating lures. We are a veteran owned small business that manufactures the Create-A-Lure in small town Minnesota.

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