Dirty Pop Cards

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Dirty Pop Cards

We make offensive greeting cards so you get the glory of being funny as f**k. Why? You know your friends and family well. Really well. These are people you laugh with ‘til it fucking hurts. Your ride-or-dies. You’re inappropriate. You say offensive shit. No one judges.

Think about it…Ten years from now, is anyone going to remember that generic greeting card they’ve seen a thousand times? Not a chance. Give them one of our offensive 3D pop up cards and they’ll talk about your rude joke card for decades. Dirty Pop Cards is here to make you a hero. Take advantage of any occasion. Make a joke. Be funny. Be rude. You know it’s okay because this is for your people. Give them the gift of a big ass jaw-drop AND gut-busting laugh. You’ll thank us later.

Still not sure who we are? We are the greeting card company that never grew up. We make jaw-droppingly hilarious greeting cards for those with a ‘twisted’ sense of humor. We design shocking, funny, playful and naughty 3D pop up greeting cards inspired by sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll.

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