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About Everything Gellyball

Everything Gellyball is a family company based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California partnered with Anstoy Inc. that sells Gel blasters and provides Gellyball events privately and publicly, with the aims to get more kids and adults alike moving and playing outside.

A Gel Blaster, Orbee Blaster, or Splat guns, are life like hydro blasters toys designed to shoot orbeez (gel beads). These blasters are often used in tactical games/competitive activities similar to laser tag and paintball/airsoft, but with less mess and more affordable ammunition that is biodegradable and eco-friendly, and does not need to picked up.

These life like toy products are perfect for family friendly safe tactical fun to be used at home indoors and outdoors day or night, replacing nerf blasters that shoot darts, and our products glow in the dark and illuminate when fired.

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