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About Glowing Snuggles

Welcome to Glowing Snuggles:

Glowing Snuggles is a USA company. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards for all our products. In case of an issue, your blanket can be returned for a full refund within 30 days. Our blankets are designed to help your little one’s drift off into a magical dreamland, without any more fears or nighttime anxiety.

Here’s why parents across America love our Glowing Snuggles Blankets:

The Strongest Glow to Brighten the Night:

We use the strongest glow in the dark ( aka photo luminescent) materials available. After charging, your child can enjoy a comforting and bright glow that lasts for hours. Glow in the dark blankets are one of the most thrilling things for kids – so get them one that really shines bright! 

Soft, Snuggly and Soothing: 

The Glowing Snuggles buttery soft blanket can make any bad day melt away. The soft, plush fabric is incredibly soothing for kids of all ages. Reduce anxiety and help your little ones feel warm and comforted night after night. Unlike Sherpa which sheds – our microfiber blankets will stay deliciously soft without shedding, shrinking, or fading, even after repeated washing.

360 GSM (Grams Per Square Meter), the Heaviest for a Glow Blanket

You might be wondering why this blanket isn’t as heavy as the thick fleece blankets you see online. The answer is that with Glowing Snuggles, we wanted to ensure the best glow for your kids, and if the blankets were any thicker, the phosphorus fabric would not be able to charge or glow properly. So what you get is a deliciously plush blanket AND a gorgeous glow! 

Your Child’s Best Friend In Every Season

Summer, winter, spring, or fall – Glowing Snuggles Blankets will become your child’s nighttime companion in every season. 360 GSM lets you use these blankets as throw blankets on top of a down comforter in the winter or as a thin blanket in the summer. No sweating or shivering – just perfect comfort for kids all year long.

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