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HUGGA was created by a young patient who recognized a critical gap in hospital care when he was just a child.

While patients got the treatment they needed, the way they are treated is often impersonal. HUGGA aims to close that gap by helping patients feel seen, cared for and loved. When Hugga is sent to a loved one on the road to recovery, we make sure that what they receive is essential to that path.

Our products include gowns and accessories that are hospital grade, while still looking and feeling amazing. They’re a special personal touch at a time and place where connection is needed most.

Our gowns check all the boxes: they’re hospital grade and anti-microbial. They’re also designed specifically to provide privacy in the front and back. The front of the gown features a double-sided zipper function, exposing only what’s necessary. Best of all, HUGGA gowns are made with premium anti-microbial fabric from Columbia, which feels soft to the touch and allows for comfort and easy mobility.

Our fuzzy, calf-length socks are like warm hugs for your feet and legs. Every pair features silicon buttons on the bottom to prevent slipping. Made with the plushest cotton and designed to last, these socks will likely remain a favorite long after the hospital stay is over.

Made to go with our Never Give Up gown, our hospital-grade face masks are breathable, hypoallergenic, and soft to the touch. For maximum comfort, we’ve made the masks with plush, elastic ear loops. And for maximum safety, our masks are double layered and contain a pocket insert for a filter.

To stay warm in a chilly hospital, a beanie really helps. Ours are made of single layer fleece providing comfort and privacy to patients who may also want to cover up after surgery or a treatment

Our fuzzy, plush sleeves are made to warm the forearms and hide those unwanted IVs. To maximize the cozy factor, these fingerless arm warmers are stretchy too

Lastly, our front tie unisex robe is made of soft touch French terry and provides patients with an added layer of warmth as they leave the bed. The robe is mid-length, providing enough coverage to keep cozy, but not so long that it will drag.

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