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About Kumiko Skincare

Kumiko in Japanese means “Woman of eternal beauty”

KUMIKO combines first-generation actives based on mesotherapy with European cutting-edge technology, to reach out to the deepest layers of the skin and stimulate cellular metabolism, achieving a dramatic and visible improvement in the skin’s appearance.

Formulated with Matcha Tea extract that stimulates metabolism at dermal and epidermal levels. This stimulation leads to improved elasticity and strength in the skin’s protective layers while maintaining moisture levels for fresh, healthy, and glowing skin.

With all mankind in mind, our motivation does not just stop at skin-care and beauty. KUMIKO donates a percentage of sales to organizations dedicated to guaranteeing the rights of young children to education so that they will be empowered to make their own decisions to lead and to prosper. Read more in Kumiko.co/our_purpose.

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