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About Naturally Vain Bath Bomb Set

9 Pack Bath Bomb Set

Spice up and colour your bath routine with a variety of our different bath bombs!

Size: 4.5 oz each

Enchanted Forest
Take a walk into the forest with aromas of lilies, lilac, gardenia, sweet pea, and jasmine.

Bath Pod
This bath bomb will diffuse into the water of your tub with blue and white colours! This bomb will leave your bathroom smelling like a fresh airy room.

Birthday Cake
This makes a great birthday gift or treat for any cake lovers. Birthday Cake smells exactly like the real thing and is even topped with cute sprinkles to add the effect. Any birthdays coming up?

Strawberry Jam
Sweet aromas of strawberry and lemon that will make your mouth water.

Peaceful Zen
Everyone loves the scent of lavender! Lay back in the tub and relax with the aroma of Lavender fill the room.

Milky Way
Unleash the ultimate intergalactic experience with blue and purple swirls creating galaxies in your tub. Scented with fresh green apple this bath bomb will take you out of this world!

Angry Rose
Don’t let her fool you with her dark vibe. She’s sweet inside and will fill your tub with the most gorgeous rose water. Her scent will fill your room with the essence of 1000 roses. A truly exotic bath experience!

Spring Breaker
Eat, beach, sleep, repeat. A lazy day at the beach with the beautiful smell of fresh sea air.

Fruit Loop
Turn your tub into a bowl of fruity loops that’ll make Tucan Sam himself jealous. Fruity Loop is coloured and scented like fruit loops. Kids love it, but we’ll let you in on a secret- so do adults! It’s fun, it’s cool, and it may be your new favourite bomb.

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