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Plic Design

Plic Design is a startup company full of ideas. We are part of Mosarte Group, the leading Brazilian brand for specialty coverings. We are a company that experiment, test, stand out from the ordinary, create concepts, and evaluate possibilities. We are driven to invent new solutions, practical and affordable, for your home. We believe that your house’s decor is a part of everything you live, inclusive when you are not there. It has a direct influence in everything you feel, think and do. This is why living in a cozy place, that has your touch, can be the best experience of your life.

PLIC! is a decor made of laminated bamboo, a natural and ecological material. Our products come with an ultra-resistant adhesive in the back, allowing an easy application on smooth surfaces (walls, mirrors, glass, metal plates, etc.). There are no limits to your imagination. The Kids and Pets collections come with a reusable adhesive (glue/unglue technology) allowing multiple applications.

PLIC! is easily applied by anyone, it is smudge free, and there are no extra expenses!

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