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Seriously Shea

Welcome to Seriously Shea. We are a mother & son team that have committed ourselves to creating a feel good, and do good, Body & Gift company. We use the finest ingredients, and all of our products are carefully handmade in the USA by people who put detailed care and attention into everything they do. Not overseas. Not by machine.


Customers not only love the low retail compared to other natural brands, but also the bright bold colors that make a dynamic display in your store, and for you, easy to merchandise counter displayers.

If you haven’t yet tried men’s products, now is the time, as statistics have shown it is currently the fastest growing category in health & wellness, so that part of our business is growing rapidly. We understand that for many of you your customers are female and that is our customer too- we certainly sell for personal care but a majority of the sales of our men’s products come from “gift-giving” for teens, Dad’s, husbands, boyfriends…

For many reasons it is important for us to give back. We have committed to donating a portion of all sales to Mental Illness programs & organizations for adults & children. Your purchase will be a part of making this possible. From our family to yours we hope you enjoy our products and at the same time, they create conversation and encourage compassion, kindness and self-care for yourself and others.

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