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About SmartSilk

SmartSilk is the luxury bedding company focused on health, wellness and it goes without saying the ultimate in comfort. Made with all natural materials, it took us over 2 years of rigorous laboratory testing, numerous product redesigns and multiple focus group sessions before we were confident that SmartSilk was best in class and ready to go to market. The SmartSilk certified asthma & allergy friendly™ bedding products we developed and patented in 2007 are still as relevant today as they were then. Given how the world has changed and our focus shifted to a healthier lifestyle environment SmartSilk bedding is not only the most comfortable on the market but is the cleanest and healthiest option you can make. Our certified products are proven to be a barrier to dust mites, allergens & pet dander and are proven to be made without any harmful chemicals.
Unique benefits of SmartSilk bedding include:
Made with a luxurious 100% cotton outer shell and filled or lined with 100% pure silk
Made using breathable materials to help reduce night sweats
Quilted finish makes sure the silk does not move or bunch up therefore eliminating cold air pockets
Naturally regulates body temperature & wicks away moisture
Machine washable & dryable

Try it for yourself and sleep with confidence, sleep with Smartsilk.

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