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LMB Enterprises are the brand owners of STICKY HEELZ® a new foot care accessory that aims to improve the fit and comfort of shoes. The product was invented by Laura Birrell the owner of the brand, because she, like many other ladies, has slightly different sized feet and therefore suffered with shoes slipping off her feet. Nothing on the market worked for her so she came up with her own solution, a patent pending, two-part shoe pad and heel pad, that fasten to secure the foot inside the shoe. Laura has also gone on to produce a teardrop pad aimed at the solving the other issue suffered by ladies when wearing high heels, discomfort and burning sensation at the ball of the foot. Designed with an award winning podiatrist and product designer, the teardrop arch pad enables consumers to place the product for ultimate comfort and interchange in up to 3 pairs of shoes. Further products are also in final stages of development providing an innovative and eye-catching foot care and shoe comfort product that consumers love.

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