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About Sudha International Trade

Sudha International trade is a company that takes pride in providing its customers with quality products that supersede their expectations. Sudha International started in the year 2012, with the manufacturing and retailing of the ‘ Sudha Light Support Stockings’. The Company spent five years doing its research on the best materials that would yield the highest quality and comfort for its customers and at the same time would be affordable . The company’s core product is the ‘ Sudha Light Support Stockings’. This type of hosiery was carefully created to provide customers with everything they need . During our research we concluded that most persons that wear the hosiery were persons who stand for long hours and who moved around extensively, having this in mind, it was important to create a stocking that would last, provide comfort and support and was also affordable. Sudha International trade is currently based in Canada but it’s humble beginnings started in the beautiful island of Jamaica where 90 percent of office workers wear stockings. Due to the humid weather condition, the company had to figure out how to make a stocking that was durable. Durability in this case means thicker than the everyday stockings which at the time seemed like a bad idea due to hot weather , It was a challenge, but after years of extensive research, the company was able to make the product breathable in humid conditions and appropriate in cold weather. The product can be worn by any age group for any occasion. It can be worn by teenagers going to the mall, to the flight attendant catching a flight or an accountant sitting in their office. It is a product that can be worn anywhere by anyone, in any weather.

The Sudha Light Support stockings two most popular colors at the moment are beige and black. There are two sizes Small/Medium and Large/Extra-large. Small/Medium comfortably fit individuals weighing from 85lbs -155lbs. The large/ Extra Large comfortable fit individuals weighing 145lbs-215lbs. The product is machine washable, preferable in cold water. The product is made is 91% Nylon and 9% Spandex. The excellent strength and abrasion resistance is due to the Nylon material that is used, nylon is normally used in sporting gears for durability. It has a fantastic elastic recovery which means it can stretch to its limit without losing its shape. Nylon also has a good resistance to sunlight, making it an excellent choice for activewear. Spandex also has a high stretchability which makes clothes agile and comfortable for movements, In all the ‘ Sudha Light Support Stockings’ was made to provides its customers with everything that is needed in a stocking. Adding to the core qualities of the product is its beautiful sleek look and feel. The product was polished to make all legs look attractive. The’ Sudha light support stockings’ is a must have and a joy to its owner.

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