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About TakeShots

TakeShots vision is to bring new products to the alcohol and beverage industry, giving consumers an exciting new way to take shots. Our mission is to inspire others to find their purpose by taking shots in life.

The “Take” Shot Straw was designed to create a better way to experience shots. Our patented design provides a seamless transition from shot to chaser, so you can Take Shots without experiencing the burn. Each Take securely holds 1 oz of liquid in a straw that can be dropped into a chaser or mixed drink. The Take fits perfectly into any standard bottle. It also fits perfectly into the “Chase”, our 16oz stainless steel bottle that keeps your chaser cold for up to 12 hours. If you’re looking to TakeShots on the go, the “Case” is a must. The “Case” securely holds your shot straws and is great for throwing in a backpack or cooler and is available in sizes that hold 2, 5 or 10 Takes.

Our product line was created not only to make taking shots more enjoyable, but to provide a smarter approach. With TakeShots, you get the same shot size every time, and only bring what you know you want to consume. This provides a safer way to enjoy yourself and with our reusable, dishwasher safe product line, you do your part to keep disposable plastic waste out of our landfills.

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