The Microwave Donabe

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About The Microwave Donabe

The Japanese Donabe (doe nah bey) has a history of almost 1,300 years. It is an earthenware (clay) cooking pot that is used to prepare everything from hot pot, soups, stews, steaming ingredients, cooking rice and even cooking desserts as well as many other cooking styles.

The only one of its kind in the world, this Microwave Donabe cooker was specifically designed to cook foods to perfection by reflecting the microwaves AWAY from the lid and the upper edges, while directing the microwaves to a heat-gathering ceramic plate on the bottom.

The Microwave Donabe is made of special pottery with a liquid absorption rate of only 0.5%, so there is no need to worry about color or odor transfer. Cooking in a clay pot is much better than cooking in metal cooking utensils, not just for its various health benefits, but also makes it much simpler to cook and improves the quality of the food in the end. The porosity and natural insulation properties of clay causes far infrared heat which thoroughly heats and cooks your food, without drying it out.

Can be taken from the refrigerator and put directly in the microwave or used on a direct flame without cracking. Foods are heated for a few minutes then the retained heat of the donabe will slow cook foods, producing the “umami” natural flavors of the food. Simple, healthy, and delicious.

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