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The Trinket Company


Personalized jewelry is now offered Nationwide through Mr. Checkout distributors.

Our focus on ethics and creating Jewelry is en-grained into our DNA. We are old school people who like to manufacture jewelry the traditional way, by hand that way we can ensure that each piece has gone through a thorough quality check and made sure the imperfections are quickly taken care of that way delivering only the best to you.

Our old fashion way of making jewelry combined with our young designers forms a unique collaboration where we have new, fashionable, funky designs that are style statements and unique (and also easy on your wallet).

Our Jewelry is made by passionate Artisans who do have an immaculate eye for detail and they come from humble backgrounds, as a socially responsible company we strive to bring out their talents onto a global platform, which in turn allows them to support their families and to give their kids a proper education.

All of our Jewelry is proudly made in Thailand or India. Why? Well its because Thailand and India apart from other things are known for their temples and other intricate architectural wonders like the Taj Mahal or the many temples of Thailand, this work is reflected onto the kind of jewelry we make.

We all want to live in a world where boundaries don’t define us, where cultures intertwine and integrate creating new cultures, a world which is more tolerant to each other and a world where differences are celebrated. Using this belief we decided why can’t we celebrate our different cultures through jewelry? That is where you find our pieces will have elements of different cultures in them. It is through jewelry that we aim to pass the message of peace and harmony.

All of our jewelry is made using quality materials that are ethically sourced and are guaranteed to be conflict-free, ensuring you as a buyer, that you will have a clear conscience in knowing that our jewelry is in fact supporting the Pratthanadee Foundation, which helps Disadvantaged women in rural Thailand get jobs or start their own business.

We do not work with anyone that deviates from our work ethics and we also strongly discourage our suppliers in dealing with sources where their work ethics are questionable.

Majority of our products are made from 92.5% silver and have a 18k gold plating or rhodium plating. We do have some products that are made by using Brass and it will clearly be mentioned as to what metals are used in making the products and also each product has been stamped with the percentage of silver used.

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