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TOUT Clothing


TOUT ties are where practicality and design meet. Your tie tells a story about you, and can instantly turn an ensemble from boring to classy. At TOUT we want your tie to be different, to stand out, and be something you are proud to wear often.

WASHABLE – For a clothing item that resides right below your mouth, why should it be the only thing you wear that you can’t wash? TOUT ties are made of high end microfiber and can be washed in the washing machine with all your other clothes. Just pre-treat, roll it in a sock, wash it in the washing machine, and hang dry. Genius, right?

READY TO GIFT – TOUT ties come packaged in a handsome gift box, perfect for gifts of any occasion, without the hassle of wrapping paper.

THE THIRD LOOP – We did our research. One of the biggest complaints from guys about ties are that the tie tail is often left dangling because it can’t reach that first keeper loop. The tie clip has been the remedy for this in the past. We decided to innovate and change the tie. We simply added a third loop that is sure to wrangle in that dangling tail.

DESIGN – At TOUT we take pride in each tie design, honing in on the perfect color coordination, an eye catching and timeless pattern, and the weight and feel of the perfect tie. The width of the tie has been shrunk to three (3) inches to give a more modern look that works on thin and thick alike.


TOUT socks are a quiet show of individuality. You’ll be looking for a reason to kick off your shoes or hike up your hems, unleashing both class and your wild side all at once.

TOUT socks are packaged together as 2 pairs of the same pattern and are primarily made of combed cotton for a luxurious feel. The toe and heel of each sock is reinforced with nylon for added durability.

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