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About Tragos Game LLC

Tragos Games is a cultural party brand with a collection of games made by and for Latinos.  Playing is easy – pick up a card on your turn, and follow the instructions on the card. Each card shares hilariously true Latino references that will challenge players with dares, drinks, trivia, and more! Tragos’ mission is to connect players to their Latino culture and to bring the fun to game nights and get-togethers, be they in person or virtually, while at the same time giving back to communities in need within the U.S. and Latin America.

Since launching in 2019, Tragos Games LLC. has launched 5 different versions of the game (Tragos Original, Tragos en Espanol, Tragos Mi Tierra, Tragos Espicy and Tragos Fiesta Booster pack). Each full deck includes 109 hilarious cards that can be played separately or paired with other decks. The booster pack includes 55 cards and can also be played separately or added to full decks. Each deck has its own unique twist, with different themes and categories to set them aside from its peers. All of the decks, with the exception of Tragos en Espanol, are in ‘Spanglish’, so they are easily played if you only speak English.

In 2021, Tragos Games launched Get Loud, a fun bilingual family-friendly guessing game that celebrates the Latino culture.” Each GET LOUD deck includes 400 cards/with 800 words, a 60-second sand timer, and a lot of fun. Get Loud is meant to be played in teams, with the challenge of who can guess the most words within the 60-seconds time frame. A game night with this game promises that things will get loud, will get competitive, and will be a blast!

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