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About Uncommon Flame

Choose the Design, Then the Scent — and We Custom-Craft a Candle for You!

Illuminate your space with candles that burst with personality and creativity. Uncommon Flame offers an extensive collection of uniquely designed, 100%-soy candles tailored to your preferences.

Whether you’re passionate about cats, love fun quotes, or seek a scent that suits your style, we’ve got the candle for you.

Tired of mundane candle designs? So were we! Uncommon Flame was born to revolutionize soy candles’ often-plain aesthetics, turning them from ordinary to exceptionally cool.

Uncommon Flame, a women-owned and veteran-operated business, crafts each candle in the U.S. with utmost care and creativity. Our designs offer a modern twist to candles that will brighten your home or bring a special touch to events.

Uncommon Flame is your one-stop candle shop for uniquely cool and quirky candles, whether you need a small quantity or large batch.

Uncommon Flame’s white-label candle program is the culmination of our extensive experience in retail sales. Our program is designed to meet the unique needs of retailers, streamlining the entire process — from your initial contact with us to order fulfillment and customer service.

Our tailored approach ensures your satisfaction every step of the way. Whether you’re a boutique retailer looking for custom candles to for your store shelves or a company who wants to leave a lasting impression with personalized, scented gifts, Uncommon Flame can transform your vision into reality.

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