Vermont Pre-Rolls

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About Vermont Pre-Rolls

Vermont Pre-Rolls has been making pre-rolled CBD joints from Vermont hemp since 2017. Each batch is cultivated in Vermont by farmers who use organic standards. We’ve worked with a number of small family farms throughout the state.

We offer a single “standard” size joint in a glass tube, and we offer those same joints as a ten pack in a glass jar. We also offer a slide-top tin of five “shorts.”

These pre-rolls have one ingredient – legal, industrial hemp from Vermont. They contain no tobacco and can be sold to anyone over 21 (unless your state has banned sales of hemp flower); no tobacco license is needed.

Vermont Pre-Rolls is a grassroots small business striving to do things the right way – glass and tin packaging, wood displays, organic papers. We make sure all tests are available to anyone who wants to see them. We make a safe, top quality joint with top quality flower and your customers will recognize that.

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