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How Messaging is the Future of Marketing Research

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

Marketing research is that critical link that helps the end-users to get their feedback to the marketers which create marketing opportunities for the brand and monitor product performance. This is very crucial in increasing sales and knowing what area to improve for increased turn over. However, marketing research is evolving daily, and it has long passed the stage of giving out forms for surveys. There is now the opportunity of getting this info by using mobile gadget to get feedback.

Even with the ease of getting surveys across to people, there is still the problem of the structure of these surveys. According to a recent research by the Global Research Business Initiative, about 26% of people like the idea of filling out surveys. These poor figures were basically found out to be caused by a poorly designed and extended surveys that take ages to complete. This is why the $76 billion industry would need to have a major transformation, and that can be accomplished through messaging.

Why switch to messaging?

There have been several evolutions in technology over the years. From the use of fax machine to mobile phones that could receive a message and then the email, all these wonderful development has allowed companies to reach out to consumers more. However, there is also a downside to the availability of this platform. There is always too much mail to go through, and text message is also becoming cluttered with irrelevant ads and messages that you would probably never read.

As this means of communication have started to become chaotic, people are now embracing the use of messaging platforms to communicate. Messaging platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat has more users than the top social media sites. Facebook statistics reveal that 69 % of consumers are more comfortable with companies and brands that they can contact via messengers. This shows how critical messaging is to the future of market research.

Evolving chat culture

The messaging world is sort of creating a culture already, where people can chat as they want. You could send a message and not go back to check for a reply until leisure. It has this stress-free feature that makes it more relaxing and fun to use. The marketing research world is missing this strategy, and it puts a bit of pressure on the end-users. So, instead of creating some long, boring survey that is not going to be filled anyways, there could be a short and friendlier conversation over messaging platforms. There would be no pressure to answer immediately, and the goal of the survey would eventually be met. All these just means that mirroring human communication is the best way to get feedback from consumers.

It is, therefore, glaring to see how messaging is the future of marketing research. The brands that stay relevant would need to keep in touch with their client to find out how to improve their experience. Channels should be re-examined, and the need to create systems that communicate effectively with clients’ needs to be developed.

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