How To Approach A Retailer About Carrying Your Product

Having painstakingly produced a useful and marketable product, what often comes to mind is getting retailers who would sell the products to final consumers. Sometimes, manufacturers find this daunting and difficult. However, it is not, it is a walk in park if you have the know-how. Interestingly, your research, knowledge of market and persuasion skills would be very useful here.

You know every activity in business has rules which must be followed to be successful. Approaching a retailer about carrying your product is not an exception. You would agree with me that getting to know correct facts about approaching a retailer to sell your product would be a big plus for you because retailers are open to many products. This would also add to the experience under your belt. You will find the following very useful in approaching a retailer for products selling your products. Check them out!

  • Do your research well

From experience, research reveals answers to a lot of questions. This is correct in this context. Firstly, take a bold step of getting to know the retail stores in your vicinity. Knowing the retail stores also comes with knowing the products with which your product will compete when they agree, and the price of the products. Your research should also include communicating with buyers who visit the store to know their preferences.

  • Clearly show retailers that your product sells

Put yourself in a retailers shoe, would you invest on products with no market?  When the retailer agrees to sell your product they bear extra expenses for storing, stocking and displaying the products which is why they to need to be sure the product will sell. Show the retailer your records of deals with other retailers in the past. This would go a long way in convincing them your product is worth their time and money.

  • Do some creative packaging

A retailer is human. He is moved by what he sees, either beautiful or not. This explain the reason why you should make your product appealing in appearance. Retailers believe it could attract them, it would attract customers too. Therefore, be creative in designing your product so as to produce the desired effect. When you meet retail store owners in person, show them the product and professionally demonstrate how the product fits in their store on the shelves. With this you are being practical and will surely win them over.

  • Educate the retailer on certain issues

Sometimes, what you need is to enlighten a retailer on the benefits they stand to gain in doing business with you. This goes beyond sweet talk. It involves showing them benefits others enjoyed from their relationship with your company. Additionally, demonstrate your interest in their business by educating them on what they should do to experience increased sales. This could be sourced from the product of your research and wealth of experience. Why educating retailers would be effective is that, they would be keen to do business with you because they are sure they are dealing with an entrepreneur who is in the know and ready to help in slower moments.