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How to Create a Great Facebook Ad

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

There are about 2 billion users of Facebook. This social media platform can get you right in the faces of your target customers within seconds. The good thing about Facebook is that you can set the algorithm to target a specific set of people in a specific geographical location. This has helped several businesses all over the world as people are led straight to landing pages where they are converted easily.

How do you then create effective Facebook ads? It is simple. Steps would be given below:

First, create a simple call to action

Ads are created for two major purposes: to capture attention and to propel the taking of certain actions. Start with a call to action (CTA) that specifically tells your audience what you are and what they stand to benefit. You should be careful not to muddle things up. Let it be concise and straight to the point. Your aim may be to make them download an app or try out the free version of a product or even register for a newsletter, let it be clear and straightforward.

Second, your audience targeting strategy should help you refine over time

You need to save money by knowing who to target with your ads. You don’t want to target octogenarians with hoverboards and skating shoes. Even if they would be interested, it would most not be for them but for their children or grandchildren. You can start with lookalike audience. Lookalike audiences are powerful because you can use existing data (such as people who purchased a product from your website) to target similar prospects on Facebook. Then refine with targeting based on some features.

Third, let your headline be clear and conversational

Sometimes a good headline is a clever phrase. Other times, it’s a straightforward product benefit. There are no true hacks to writing headlines. It depends on what you are talking about and your offerings. Whichever way, make it clear, interesting, and depicting on the benefits. You should note that your headline in a Facebook ad is typically the “text” field in the ad builder, not the “headline” field.

Fourth, be creative with the image

Let the image speak credibility. You don’t want to have an image that looks too hilarious and can have the potential of selling your product cheap. Get an image than has a creative tension with your headline. You can use AdEspresso’s free ad tool to get you visually inspired. It lets you spy on competitors and find successful examples of Facebook ads.

Fifth, make your CTA clearer with the description area

The final step is to write the description for your CTA. This is the News Feed Link Description. Use this space to anticipate common buying or action-taking objections. This gives your audience more insight into what you are offering: maybe “free shipping”, 30% discount etc.

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