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And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

Postural defects are one of the most depressing challenges you could face. Despite all you could have accomplished as a person, the mere fact that you do not walk or stand like everyone else could make you want to seclude yourself and slouch. It could even be as bad as causing a stigma on you depending on the environment you live in. But the good news is that it can be corrected. Yes, your bad posture can be totally done away with. Here are some few ways you can go about fixing your bad posture.

Bad postures are caused by a long list of things but so long it is not a congenital anomaly, you might not need a doctor’s appointment to fix it.

When you carry out physical activities, the group of muscles responsible for that particular action gets used. Continuous usage makes them stronger by a steady increase in muscle mass. So most times we get to ignore some particular muscles because we do not engage in some movements and activities that would strengthen them. On the long run, these neglected muscles begin to atrophy (decrease in size, weaken and degenerate).

How then do I fix my not-so-good posture?


The essence of exercise cannot be undervalued in correcting postural defects. There are people specialized in prescribing exercises that would target and repair the weak muscles. Physiotherapists are particularly recognized in this field.

Here are some exercises that would help in fixing your posture:

The reverse tabletop exercise known to aid in the correction of kyphosis (hunch back). The cat-cow stretch; an exercise that is applied in correcting Lordosis (hollow back). You could also try the hip flexor stretch which would help strengthen your thigh muscles and your lower back.

A regular routine of exercising and body muscles strengthening activities are advised if you want your posture back to normal. Asides this, since your body is bilateral (meaning that almost everything located on the left side of your body is also on the right side), you should ensure that you don’t make excessive use of one side or engage only one side in your exercise routines, making the other side redundant. This would definitely make one side of you more muscular and stronger than the other side.

Though it might not be too noticeable at first, but you would find out that it will be leading to the same place were coming from.


Exercise plays its irreplaceable role in your trip back to a balanced body. Nonetheless, exercise without good food is not to be encouraged. A balanced diet grooms your body. It builds the body and repairs worn out tissues. The energy currency (ATP) of the body that is very necessary for body building is found in the food you will be eating. You would want to be taking a lot of vegetables, fruits and a water daily asides the carbohydrates and proteins.

Now, it is very important to put a constant effort at refraining from sitting positions and even standing positions that support bad postures.

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