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And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

A boutique is always a nice place to be. It is where one gets to see the clothing and accessories collection on display. A boutique is a retail center where clothes, clothing accessories, jewelries, shoes and other apparels feature for sales. A boutique would normally want to stock the popular brands; as expensive as they can be, they are highly preferred by many. However, not every brand is popular; the designers may be good but the competition may be stifling them out. This happens with most upcoming designers who don’t have the famous names like the popular ones. Getting the products in boutique may be tough but it is not impossible.

To get the product in boutiques, certain things have to be considered. The fact that not every brand is popular is one and thus, knowing how to pitch creativity and value over popularity is something a designer must strive to be good in. Tips on how to get products into boutiques would be subsequently shared.

Getting products into boutiques would require either of popularity or creativity. The two may go together but if the designer is not one of a popular brand name, he would have to do more than the popular brands to get attention. Creativity is what distinguishes humans from other animals. As humans, we have the power of the mind to invent new ideas and new styles. Ideas are free-flowing so are trends. The designer must come out with designs that would spontaneously attract buyers to go for it. The designer must put himself in the position of the average boutique goer to see what would attract him. The designer must also think of a design that the boutique owner would be enthusiastic to use for window design or dressing. 

The designer must consider a direct store delivery approach in supply. It would be more endearing to a boutique owner to have to deal with the designer. The first advantage in this is that it is fast in getting supplies to the boutique. The time wastage involved in going through the wholesaler, distributor, warehousing agent … would not feature with this approach. Second, the boutique owner can have goods stocked at great retail prices. With about 25% being added to unit price of products in the normal supply chain, this approach removes the price increment problem as the designer is basically dealing with the boutique owner. Third, the boutique owner can easily discuss the fashion trends that people are requesting with the designer as there is already a relationship between the two. 

A designer that would get his goods to the boutique must be up with the fashion trend. As much as vintage is cool, it must be the trending vintage before it would be accepted into the fashion outlet. The boutique would definitely want to stock what is in vogue and thus the designer must be on touch with creativity on what is trending in the fashion industry.  

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