How to Handle a Negative Review

Negative reviews can be discouraging and provoking, but they are not the end of life or your business. From a purchaser’s point of view, negative reviews can antagonistically affect your business and can drive down your posting on consumers review websites, making it harder to discover by new clients. While nobody would like to receive negative reviews, they eventually happen. Here are some approaches to deal with them should they happen.

  • React promptly

Quickly reacting to negative reviews shows the client that you actually care and value their opinion greatly. It might be the huge turning point for customers who once had a bad experience with your product or service.

  • Take the issue offline

Depending upon the issue at hand, responding to an unfriendly review by leaving an open remark is not advised, it might be smarter to answer secretly through email or phone. For instance, Yelp gives business page owners the chance to reply via email. In the event that you settle the issue to the consumer’s liking, leave a brief remark in the public comment box.

  • Be polite

A negative review, especially one that communicates a solid opinion, may stimulate feelings that could prompt a sterner reaction than should be expected. Set aside time to gather your considerations and react by saying something like, “Thank you for your valuable feedback. I would appreciate the chance to talk with you about your experience. It would be great if you contact me at your most earliest convenience.”

In case you notice no legitimacy in regards to the customer’s negative reviews, find a way to solve the issue. Whenever justified, give compensation as a coupon or rebate.

  • Demand that defamatory reviews be removed

Most customer rating and reviews websites won’t enable you to remove reviews. On account of one that is defamatory or denouncing, ask the website to remove it.

  • Consider negative reviews important

Most of the time, individuals who write negative reviews aren’t out to stigmatize you. They only need to express their opinion about the experience. Take these reviews as a means to improving your business, if you see common themes amongst reviews, use that to your benefit.

  • Empower customer reviews

To balance the effect of a negative review, urge clients to leave reviews. Do not ask them to only leave positive reviews. Let customers know using marketing materials in-store to leave reviews about their experience.

  • Find the good in a bad review

Negative reviews can benefit your business. In the event that each review is positive and overflows with four-and five-star ratings, potential clients could become too suspicious, feeling that the reviews are “fabricated” instead of being left by genuine clients. As confusing as it sounds, the way that negative reviews show up can add to building trust, as opposed to reducing it.