How to Market Your Product to Distributors

Marketing, an integral aspect of the business which ensures the availability of products to consumers can only be said to be effective when the efforts of manufacturers are complemented by efficient distributors. Therefore, manufacturers can make progress in business only when they attract good distributors for their products.

However, many manufacturers do not understand that a distributor as a member of the business chain is at liberty to distribute many products from different manufacturers, hence, the need for each manufacturer to go extra mile in getting distributors for their products. The variance of operations and activities between a manufacturer and distributors would hamper growth and limit profit for both players while the manufacturer feels the heat most. With this in mind, implementing the following ideas would greatly help manufacturers who want to make good sales through efficient distribution channels.

  1. Present an attractive on-boarding kit to a new distributor

You can not do without an on-boarding kit in promoting your products to distributors. In fact, its importance in such instances in business cannot be overemphasized. It should contain all vital information your potential distributor must know, say sources of training resources, your contact, sales playbooks, cheat sheets among others. The information in the on-boarding kit could also be posted on your company website. It should be given freely as an important item when concluding agreements with your distributors. The advantages of this are numerous among which are the understanding of everything your brand stands for as well as giving your distributors an inkling that your company is serious about doing business with them while their interest is considered.

  1. Develop an absolutely attractive plan for distributors

When you understand that your distributors may choose other manufacturers who produce the same products as yours and neglect your products, you would sense the need to develop an entirely attractive plan for your distributors in a competitive market. The marketing arm of your company needs to come up with inviting packages for distributors. Such, that would attract more distributors and widen your reach in the market. They could come up with promos and giveaways, and other plans like reduction in prices when a distributor achieve a certain number of sales of your products. You know as your distributors increases, you would increase your production and everybody would be happy.

  1. Publicise your willingness to help your distributors in the business while presenting your products

Anticipate a tremendous increase in sales when you make your willingness to help your distributors known. Conventionally, when a deal is about to be sealed each party would look out for ways where he would benefit from the deal. Therefore, catch their attention by stating your plans for them. And proffesionally explain this plan to them in clear terms. For example, reveal the intention of the company to supply products even when payment has not been made or complete. By this, you can help keep their business afloat in trying times and build a strong relationship with them. Inarguably, when this is adopted by your marketing personnel, the result would be a more product distributors and better patronage. Remember, a sane businessman values long time relationship.