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And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

The manufacturer has as one of his major goals – the expansion of the brand. It is to the manufacturer’s delight to have more sales for his product. This, however, would not happen by chance. The producer would have to come up with ideas on how to promote the products and invariably generate more sales. 

It is very essential that a producer know that products cannot be promoted the same way. There are some products that can be promoted via fashion shows while others would have to be associated with comfortableness. Ideas on how to promote a product would be highlighted subsequently.

First, direct marketing can help. This is basically marketing without the involvement of wholesalers, distributors or retailers. This is marketing directly to the customer – both present and prospective. Advertisement is to the general public but direct marketing works personally to the customer. It is the goal of direct marketing to reach out personally to the customer anywhere – at work, at home, on the road and any where possible. This operates basically with newsletters and mailing lists. The manufacturer creates a mailing list which is a large database for present and prospective customers. These persons have the freedom to unsubscribe at anytime whatsoever. The mails contain information on products, offers, promotions and upgrades. 

Second, Personal selling goes a long way. This method is very effective as it brings together the seller and the buyer – the manufacturer being the seller and the final consumer being the buyer. It helps create a relationship between the two. It is basically the direct communication and interaction with customers – both present and prospect. By this method, customers can be informed and persuaded about products and promotions as they come up. Personal selling as being reputed to be expensive but compared to its effectiveness, it is a method a manufacturing company should consider. This could be by rack jobbing or by opening retail centers that are exclusively chains of the company. 

Third, advertisement is prerequisite. Without advertisement, the average consumer product user wouldn’t know about a particular product. Advertisement can be done on social media or mass media. The social media advertisement is very helpful as it can get to millions for just a little fee. The over one billion users on Facebook can be directly advertised to. Mass media can also be very helpful as several people who may shun the social media may be reached via this platform. For instance, a billboard which could be digital, electronic or normal can reach thousands of pedestrians, motorists and many other road users in a day. 

Fourth, Public relations would help project the image of the manufacturer to the general public. This is basically creating a good image of the manufacturing company by operating a transparent leadership and production structure. The company employs public relations officers who give regular update about the company to the public. This helps to endear the customer to their company as they exhibit a good practice culture. 

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