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How to Start a Podcast with No Money?

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

Podcasts became a thing around 2004 when Ben Hamersley combined the word “iPod” and “broadcast” to form the incredibly cool term. Since then, it has grown to own over 750,000 podcasts with more than 30 million episodes. This number still grows by the day, with the insatiable audience increasing and people coming up with more and more creative ideas to keep the insights fresh and the experience – amazing.

With so many exciting words describing the podcasts, starting your podcast looks so interesting. But while everyone is jumping into the game with their iPhone in their hand and a well-painted background. You would have to know a few things to be exceptional. Here are some tips on how to start a podcast with no money.

Before we start checking out what you need to start your own podcast, here are tips to make sure you are on the right track: 

Understand your niche

There are tons of podcast out there, but the ones that really stand out are, those that work with topics that they are passionate about. Let’s say you love talking about fashion, then it would be a “hit and miss” to delve in the world of sports just because you feel that is the trending topic. You should also be creative, engaging, and ready to commit yourself to the job.

  • Start talking

Before thinking about how much you would get when you pull followers, just start doing it. You also need to prepare you to mind for the first few podcasts to be a bit disappointing. Don’t worry, keep at it, turn on your microphone each time and listen to yourself make each entertaining episode. Like they say, “enjoy the process.” You can also listen to similar podcasts and learn a thing or two, then come up with a format and don’t be afraid to experiment a little.

What you need to start your own podcast

You need to have a few pieces of equipment of your own to start a podcast. Even if you are not going to spend money on expensive gadgets, you still need to get your podcast out to your audience, and that can only be done with your gadget.

  1. Get your phone

iPhones are usually good when it comes to creating your podcast. They have microphones built into them to allow you to record audio files. Although the quality of the audio might not be great, but it’s enough for a start. If you want a better audio quality, you could get a microphone that plugs into your phone for below $40.

  1. Download an audio editing software

There are loads of audio editing software available for you on the internet, but one of the most popular and free ones that you can get is Audacity. Get it on your laptop and go through the tutorials to learn how to use it. One option, not necessary if you can get it, is to adopt pop filters to makes your sound even better.

  1. Export your edited Mp3 file from Audacity

After performing all the necessary tweaks, you can now export your file. Make sure you export your file as the proper format, edit the metadata, and create a template for future files. Some of the things you can add to your podcast are;

  • Create a piece of beautiful theme music or look for websites that offer theme music.
  • Divide your podcast into chapters to give your listeners easy access.
  • Look for a very good cover art image

This is the first thing people would see when they come across your podcast. You would also need it for directories like iTunes, Stitcher, and the likes to host your show. You can download apps like Adobe Photoshop or any other free picture editing app to make something simple by yourself, and if you have $10, you can get a good art from a graphic designer on platforms like Freelancer or Fiverr.

  1. Upload your podcast

If you are looking at starting your one podcast with no money, then you have a limited amount of hosting sites to use. But you can make the best use of it. You can also try out some premium sites like Lisbyn, with a coupon code, they give one or two months free.

Consistency. You have to keep feeding your audience with great and exciting podcasts to make them come back for more; with all the steps listed here, you can start a podcast right there in your room with no money.

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