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How to Work with Celebrities to Boost Your Social Media Presence

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

Celebrities are well known people. These people have influence over millions of followers and admirers all over the world. It is not surprising to see followers of a celebrity going over 50 million on social media. One post and it has gone viral. The internet has even made it very easy. When celebrities share posts, notifications are sent to their followers all over the world. How then can you benefit from this massive following and worldwide attention?

Some tips on how to boost your social media presence will be shared below:

First, assess which celebrity can be useful to your brand

Yeah, any celebrity with a large following can make you very popular. However, is the popularity in line with what you need it for? People get popular in seconds but the social space is very transient. Popularity can wane in a matter of days. Thus, you need a celebrity who can project more of the beauty in your product and leave a lasting image on the minds of those being constantly influenced. For instance, if Kim Kardashian gives a post about a fashion product, there is instant media attention to it.

Reach Out with Quality

No celebrity wants to advertise a disaster brand as it affects their personality and credibility. Though, you’d first have to reach out to the agent or management of the celebrity but when you do, reach out with tested and trusted products. It is advised on some quarters that you send, along with free products, expert opinion and recommendation.

Be prepared to pay

It may seem that a celebrity’s following came easily as a result of popularity; however, it doesn’t come cheap. You have to be prepared to pay for what you want posted about your product or about you. This could be a flat fee for a one-off post, or a pre-agreed-upon program for posting a certain number of times in a scheduled period. However, paying puts you in a contract with the celebrity and you can be rest assured that your post would come up.

Work with a contract

A contract is a legal agreement. A lot of celebrities work on contractual basis with brands and companies. This helps to clearly state the extent of the agreement and the benefits accruing to each party. If you have a contract, you can always enforce your right, as long as it is in line with the agreement. Suits and scandals can be tiring and celebrities play their parts to avoid this.

Be prepared for the attention

When you finally get that media attention, don’t waste it. Have plans on ground on how to convert the traffic into profits or whatever ends you are looking at. Increase your capacity and ensure that the quality of your product increases at a trajectory.

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