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How You and Your Team Can Provide Great Service

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

What can keep the foot traffic high is a great service. The experience of a customer can determine a lot. She may come back the next time or decide for someplace else. This is anchored on the experience she had the day she last visited. Many retail centers and business spots have lost customers because of the little things that many think don’t matter. You have to give an experience that the customer would always want to come back for. Creating this experience is not difficult, it takes a little brushing up on some sides and you are good to go. Some tips on this would be given below.

Know your product and service. It is a great put off if you don’t know what you are selling. How then does the customer have confidence in your product or service? Customers should be able to call you and ask you questions. This is why Apple is one great corporation. The sales representatives are always smart and knowledgeable people who know everything about Apple products. There is no question you ask about the product that intelligent and precise answer won’t be given. And if you pay attention, Apple customers are loyal.

Utilize your manners. You can be a point of attraction or a repelling force with the way you act to people. You have to put your manners to play. Good manners, please. There are different types of customers that will walk through the door – they want warm reception and respectful treatment. Your manners matter and can go a long way. Use them.

Have great internal team communication and external team/customer communication. Everyone working with you must be seen as a teammate. From the security officer at the door to the sales representative, everyone must work towards a certain goal. Everyone must work towards giving the customers an experience they would always come back for. However, this is not possible without internal communication. Have team sessions everyday to celebrate achievements and revisit goals.

You need an external team also. An external team consists of your customers. You need to woo them into your team. They are effective at bringing people in their network to patronize you. Have chats with them. Motivate them. Incentivize them.

Train your staff on proper customer service. You may be trying your best but all the efforts will be wasted if your staffs are not deft at proper customer service. The warm smile, the welcome, the helpful service at the shelf, and a host of other things may be little but they are very important. Train your staffs to be courteous and treat every customer like the only customer. You need different points of service so as not to keep customers waiting endlessly on the line.

Know how to active and passively listen. A listening ear is very important in human interaction. Customers may sometimes get chatty; listen. They may keep coming back because of that. You may have to listen actively sometimes or passively at other times. However, learn to understand their needs so that you can better serve them the next time.

Be immediately responsive. When customers complain of something, immediately get to work on it. This is one way people get drawn to you. They feel special because someone is listening to them and acting on their request. Get things done quick enough to earn customers trust and reliability. It can be very frustrating when requests are not quickly acceded to before of bureaucracy. Get the bureaucracy out of the way and let innovation take over.

Ask for and use feedback given by customers. Feedbacks are very useful as they show you your reflection in the customer’s perspective. You should ask customers what they think of your service and how they think you can improve on it. People are opinionated and they are mostly willing to have their say. When you get these feedbacks, use them. They are very important and can show your customers that you care about what their opinions.

Get to know your customers. Your customers are those keeping you in business, know them. It can be very beneficial to know your customers; even though you can’t know them all. You can use what you know about them to find ways of better satisfying them. More, it can be highly helpful as you have a relationship which can always keep them coming through the door.

Be personable. You are a seller; you need to be nice and polite. People get put off by mean and saucy attitude. Even if you are not nice, pretend to be; and work on yourself. When you approach customers, let them feel some charm. It can make them your friends. Successful sellers are personable people.

Be adaptable. This practically means be flexible. You are bound to experience several situations and meet different people, you should be able to adapt and come out in the best way you can. Learn about new situations quickly enough and you can get the best out faster than you got in.

Have a customer service strategy. Plan how you give the customers wonderful experiences. Position staffs in places they would need help; advertize in conspicuous places; plan to give complimentary gifts. Your strategy should be targeted at getting the customers to walk through the door again.

Empower your staffs with problem solving skills. Situations that aren’t anticipated may arise and you can’t be everywhere. Empower your staffs on how to attend to situations and solve problems quickly. This can endear customers to you as they are sure will be impressed with the way situations are easily handled.

In conclusion, your chance at being successful is tied to the way customers enjoy your products, services, and customer services. Customers are always right doesn’t mean you are wrong; it means you see beyond the complaint. Give every customer an experience to always come back for.

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