Making the Most of Family Time When Work Keeps You Busy

Family time is that WE time when both parties have fun, share burdens and solve problems together, it also creates great memories that stay with us FOREVER. The need for family time cannot be overemphasized; The more quality time you spend with your family, the closer you are to them.  As a kid, I was super-close to my mom, than my dad. Dad barely stayed at home— he was always busy at work— this really affected my relationship with him .  What do you want to be addressed as? The mom who is always at work? Or that dad who brings home projects from the office? Records have it that kids tend to withdraw when you don’t spend time with them, Surely they would have that boy who bullies them at school, the new crush they like and would want to discuss. But where are you? Busy with work as always.

How do I balance Family and work?

Most of us parents switch between numerous roles and responsibilities at work everyday, leaving little or no time for family.   Balancing these two  can be one of the hardest hurdles to overcome as a parent. Both are very important, if one is given more attention than the other, it becomes a problem. The following suggestions would go a long way in providing a balanced equation between both.

  1. Outline activities for each day:This is the first step in achieving a balanced Family-work rate. Behind every successful person lies a good plan. I’ll advise you set aside maybe 20-30 minutes at the beginning of each day to plan your tasks. Thanks to technology, you can do this on your phone (not the old-fashioned pen and paper) Doing this can help you keep a time track of your activities.
  2. Decide what needs to stop: it is time to communicate to your supervisor, partner, or co-worker about the need to spend quality time with your family. Maybe your supervisor keeps you working late, or brings up new tasks that need to be completed even after working hours. You’ll need to communicate this, in a polite manner of course.  You can bring in alternative solutions to the issue. like getting an assistant to help keep your productivity at check. This means a reduction in stress, and more energy for family time. Its a win-win situation for you.
  3. Work only at work: Many at times, most of us get so clinged up with work, we decide to bring some home for completion. This is one great barrier to achieving a nice family time. You should only work at work.

Making the most of family time.

Every time left for family must count at this stage. Now, the whole point of this is getting that uninterrupted time enjoyable by all members of the family. It may not be the longest of time, but it would go a long way.  The following are various methods to enjoy family time.

  1. Get everybody involved– Getting everyone involve means more fun.
  2. Help your kids with assignments– This shows you really care about them.
  3. Ask your kids to summarize how their day went at school– This can be the medium in starting that discussion you’ve always wanted.
  4. Have dinner together-Nothing beats having dinner together with family. There’s this feeling of togetherness involved; you could use this in getting that conducive atmosphere for fun.
  5. It should always be about everybody but yourself– Give your kids listening ears, they have a lot to say obviously
  6. Create family activities ( Video games, visit places together, cooking etc)-A little fun activity wouldn’t hurt, right?
  7. Disconnect any distractions-Replying emails or Facebook messages can be a deal breaker. For the time being, disconnect any form of distraction; you have limited time for fun, make it count.

I’m sure you have many new ideas to add to the list. Family time is never about the duration of time spent, it is about the quality.  Remember kids learn when you spend time with them- it makes them feel loved, and wanted. Treasure this time with your family while you still can.