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Payment Processing Options for Your Business

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

When goods are purchased, payment can be made in several ways with the use of technology. A lot of ways of conducting electronic transfer has been introduced and as a seller you can always avail yourself of any of these.

Payment processing options will be discussed below.


This is an online platform that allows you to easily accept or receive payments. With low rates starting at 2.8%, you are offered one of the lowest rates in the industry. Thus, buyers can always make payments to you via this medium.

Chase Paymentech

This is from the bank JPMorgan Chase. This payment platform allows business owners to accept payment in-store, online, and through mobile devices. It also supports businesses of all sizes to process payments, including credit, debit and digital, alternative, and as aforementioned mobile payment options. Paymentech also provides business analytics, payment fraud detection, and data security solutions.


This allows business owners to accept all major credit cards and local credit solutions in Europe, Asia Pacific and The Americas. This platform instantly accepts payment with one integration and charges low fees.


This platform allows individuals and businesses to receive payments over the internet. It provides the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate online payments with ease. Stripe can be customized to fit the specific needs of your business that includes everything from storing cards to processing subscriptions to accepting payments in more than 100 different countries.


This platform offers merchant processing in more than 30 countries and supports the payment needs of more than a million merchant locations around the globe. It provides services like in-store and online payment terminals that support credit and debit cards, electronic checks, and electronic gift cards.


This is one easy and convenient platform that gives customers the chance to pay using their own currencies or digital options like Apple Pay. WorldPay’s affordable online payment gateway enables your business to accept all major payment methods and credit and debit cards.


This platform processes payments in 87 different currencies and in 12 languages. This connects you to over 200 countries for international selling. With this, you can sell to international customers in their languages and with their currencies.

CSI GlobalVCard

This platform enables businesses to settle transactions in the most cost effective and transparent way possible, in over 140 currencies. The platform is a leading B2B payment platform specializing in secure and rewarding payments to a global clientele.


Styled as the all in one payment platform to increase sales and reduce costs, BlueSnap allows merchants to accept payments in more than 110 different currencies and 29 languages. With one account, you get connected to about 30 global banks. It can also process 100 shopper currencies and 14 payment currencies.


This payment platform accepts credit or debit card payments, as well as bitcoins, Apple Pay, and local options like UnionPay. If you are a constant traveler, Payfirmer helps with mobile card acceptance. A Payfirmer card swiper connects to your phone via an headphone jack, and reporting options makes reconciling payments simple.

Pay with Amazon

This is a beneficial service owned by Amazon. It was launched in 2007. The platform uses the customer base of and gives users the option to pay with their Amazon accounts on external merchant websites. The platform provides the option to purchase goods and services from online retailers by using the addresses and payment methods stored in the Amazon account, such as credit cards or a direct debit bank account.


This is a cloud based payment-as-a-service platform. It accepts all forms of electronic payments from credit cards, eCash, electronic checks, Bitcoins, and any foreign currency. With the platform, you can finally digitalize your recievables and move you manual financial processes to the cloud.


This is a payment management company that provides solutions ranging from mobile and cross-channel payment experiences that support Alipay, Android Pay, Apple Pay, PayEase, PayPal, and Visa Checkout, direct bank transfers, reconciliation reports, and fraud alerts. The company provides online payment management solutions to over 400,000 merchants globally and across multiple industries. One single connection to CyberSource can enable merchants to conduct global business without merchants having to integrate to local payment providers/ methods one by one, which largely improves merchant’s go-to-market speed.


This platform allows you to accept credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Venmo, bitcoin from customers in most countries across the world. Braintree provides businesses with the ability to accept payments online or within their mobile application. This provides a seamless service to users from all around the world. With Paypal as a parent company, payment transactions can only get better.


This payment platform accepts all major payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and SEPA. This platform makes it online merchandizing very easy for the merchant.

With the above payment management options, it can only get better to shop online. You don’t have to carry cash all around as your cash reserves and accounts by move all around the world with you. It was back in the ages when people would have to always carry cash but with one card, all the accounts can be integrated and the consumer is open to a world of lifestyle and endless possibilities. The internet has come with its multifarious benefit and we can enjoy better payment options with minute charges. Imagine the insecurity and the legal liabilities with carrying large cash across international borders. All those are no longer issues.

For the seller, you don’t have to worry about getting your money from any part of the world as financial transactions has made it easy for you. You can receive payments from anywhere in the globe with little charges. The 21stcentury market is on the internet and you have got to be online. Register in any of the platforms and start to receive money. You can even get latest products from suppliers seamlessly.

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