Set Aside 20 Minutes Each Day to Do This

Time as we know it has never been enough for us.

We try as much as possible  to search for more time everyday of our lives. Sadly, we aren’t given any extra time, we are given the same amount of time, every day.

We should stop searching for extra time, instead, we  should make a decision to spend our time correctly.  What if you could set aside sometime maybe 20 minutes a day to do something?

20 minutes a day isn’t a lot of time, right? Well, that’s the beauty of it.

You may be asking, what should I do with the 20 minutes, or why should I set out 20 minutes? Well, read along.

Create consistency.

Utilize that 20 minutes to do the same thing every day.

Go offline, and separate yourself from the rest of the world; shut the door, log out of social media. Switch off your smart-phone if you must, and focus on doing just one thing.

You might have loved to read a particular book, but never had the time, well, here’s your cue. Find that book and read, 20 minutes might seem like a short time to finish it, but if you do it everyday, you should be done in maybe a month or two.

If  you have a thing for  writing but never had the chance, then use those 20 minutes to write. Don’t get distracted, even if what you’re writing doesn’t make any sense, don’t stop. Nobody is going to stop you, why stop yourself?

The whole point is making you do a particular thing without getting distracted.

This isn’t revolutionary or ground breaking, it’s rather a very  simple thing.  We should do simple and stress-free things that are easy for you, we all have that particular thing we love doing. Mine may be drawing, yours singing. Spending 20 minutes everyday  helps create consistency and positive worthwhile habits.

The purpose of setting aside 20 minutes a day is to create a routine. With consistency you create habits. With just 20 minutes set aside each and every day you’re creating a habit. A habit that will help you focus and do the one thing that’s most important to you each and every day.

What will you do with the 20 minutes you’re setting aside?