Tips for Creating a Promotional Video

Creating a promotional video could be the next step a businesses owner needs to take to move to the next level in business. Clearly, research suggests that a promotional video attracts more viewers to a website. Also, visitors spend more time on a webpage viewing the video content. Therefore, video marketing is a viable method of marketing. Generally, it can be described as an emerging trend in the business world. Because many business owners now understand the importance and effectiveness of video in driving traffic to their website and making more sales.

Thanks to technology, creating a good promotional video is a walk in the park even for individuals giving it a try for the first time. There are sundry software tools available online that can be used to create awesome promotional videos. Such software app/tools includes but not limited to;


This online software app has numerous video templates, slides, music etc that you can select. It is easy to use and absolutely free.


This is another online platform used by videomakers. Its major pro is the simple method involved in using it.


Users download free, quality images, short video clips, and audio on the iStockPhoto platform. It is frequented by photographers and designers for video creation.

Getty Images

This is a library of images that can be incorporated into videos. It is also free and harbors high resolution, customizable images, and video clips.

Steps Involved in Creating a Promotional Video

  1. Draft a professional script

There is need to create a quality script that will produce the desired outcome. A good script should be captivating, easy to understand and intriguing. Therefore employ short, formal, and compendious sentences to drive home your point.

Now, your script must target customers and appeal to their reasoning. It should begin with the identification of a specific problem your brand is providing a solution to by producing the product, then go on to give the reason how and why the product is the answer. Finally, add a call to action statement stating they get the product from your company.

  1. Record quality audio

You will need to be in an echo-free environment and get a functional microphone to record a professional voice over. You would also need to engage someone with a good voice whom you will give the script. The voice must be audible and clear. A baritone voice would do the magic better that a bass voice. This is if you find a male voice suitable. Though, generally a female voice is used. There are tons of recording tools that can be used in tasks like this. You may consider Apple’s Garageband and Window’s Mixcraft.

  1. Selection of Images, Music and Editing

As said earlier, there are numerous images, video clips, and music on media libraries online. Here, you would find RenderForest, iStockPhoto, Biteable and Getty Images indispensable. From many options available on these platforms, choose the one that best appeals to you. If you are very proficient in Adobe Illustrator, you would finish it less than 30 minutes.

In editing, you add and remove to produce a final video that is good enough. Adobe After Effect is a very nice tool to use for editing though other good alternatives will suffice. You would need to upload your audio file into the tool, and finally the selected visuals. The final product should be a professional video with your custom logo.