Top 3 Boutique Independent Distributors

Are you considering starting a boutique? Do you need independent distributors to supply you with clothes made from high-quality fabric for your boutique business? Or do you wish to find out the perfect place to shop those dram clothes from? Then you are on the right article! We have compiled a comprehensive list of the top 5 boutique distributors in the United States to help connect you with that wholesale supplier closest to you. 

Tasha Apparel 

Tasha Apparel is one interesting top boutique independent distributor of high-quality clothing in the United States. Specially composed of smart collections, it has not ceased to provide satisfactory services to its wide client base since its official launch in 2008.  It does not matter the kind of trendy outfits you wish to purchase; Tasha apparel prides itself in delivering the latest styles and fashion trends rapidly at affordable pricing. Manufacturers’ ad designers of fine clothing from Los Angeles, New York, and Miami constitute the workforce for its fresh and vibrant fashion base all through the year.


No, Sugarlips is not a food distributor. It is a multi-brand destination site where you can shop for fashionable clothing at affordable prices and have it delivered to your doorstep! Although it started with a small line of trendy sweaters, it has grown over the years to be carried by major departmental stores and boutiques. It has two arms — Sugarlips Seamless and Sugarlips Fashion. You can purchase high-quality fabric fused with the unique touch of seamless technology through Sugarlips Seamless. Staying ahead of trends will also be possible through the energy fusion of Sugarlips Fashion. This independent distributor is not specific to any gender, so feel free to shop freely and widely!

EN Crème 

Do you need that independent boutique distributor that specializes only in the trendy fashion for females and prioritizes only the distribution of female clothing? Then EN Crème is the real deal. You can pre-order diverse, trendy outfits and accessories to match.

Honorable Mentions  

She + Sky 

Want a company that deals with outwear for women? You can check out She + Sky. It is a wholesale clothing company located in downtown Los Angeles that curates the latest trendy outfits simply for women. You don’t need to look too far to get what you want; She + Sky has broad fashion outfits like tops, sweaters, and beautiful dresses. You can choose diverse collections as you make your order. You’re bound to get amazed by the eclectic styles provided at the best version of themselves, just for you.

Magnolia Wholesale 

Causal wears or formal wears? You can have the wide selection you need by engaging Magnolia wholesale. Ranging from the trendiest casual wear to exclusive formal wear and corresponding accessories, Magnolia wholesale has got you covered. Without the visits being limited to certain times of the year, rest assured that you will always get to walk away with something classy that suits your taste.